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Aug. 2, 2020

Everyone I've spoken with has a personal takeaway from their time in quarantine; here's mine: What we put online is now an essential part of how we view, interact with, and connect to each other. Not really a mind-blowing discovery, but for the first time ever our daily in-person interactions are completely shadowed by what we put online. Still, I think of most social medias as supplementary to in-person life but please tell me how to put my whole conscious on Twitter if you know. This site is a first-attempt at putting more of my work online. Especially as I'm starting a new life in Pittsburgh at a whole new university, 144 characters felt limited. The site isn't impressive tech-wise (django-gunicorn-nginx stack on AWS Lightsail) but what I love about this site is that I made it. I thought through every part of this site, and when you're here you're using something I made. The interaction feels a little more genuine to me that way. Also the little main-page icons light up when you mouse over them and that's sick."