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Nepal EMS Dispatch

Collaborator on a community-based first responder web app for Dhulikhel Hospital EMS dispatch

Bioscience Python Tutorials

Code-a-long tutorials for non-tech persons interested in computational biology

DL Protein Structure Refinement

Deep ResNet for refining contact maps on computationally-generated protein models


Poker bot that helps you cheat at Texas Hold 'em

Metabolic Network Scoring CLI

Finds the optimal graph-representation of genetic interaction networks based on gene expression data

Haplotyping CLI

CLI for determining family lineage haplotypes based on expectation-maximization


Quantitative trait loci analysis CLI for finding linked genotypes and phenotypes

Genetic Motif Finder CLI

CLI for finding k-mer motifs in arbitrary sequence data

Protein Alignment CLI

Aligns protein sequences using Smith-Waterman (local) or Needleman-Wunsch (global)